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Notice: McLeod Veterinary Hospital hosts regular Canadian Animal Blood Bank (CABB) donor clinics. For information about upcoming donation dates and to find out if your pet is an eligible donor, contact us at 204-661-3334 or visit


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Annual examinations are important to maintain the vitality and health of your pet. Geriatric pets, due to rapidly changing health conditions, may require semi-annual examinations. Concerning vaccinations, a protocol will be established specific to the requirements of your pet’s life circumstances. Vaccination protocol will vary depending on the lifestyle of you and your pet. This means that your pet may not receive some vaccinations in any one year.


Heartworm is a potentially deadly condition transmitted to dogs from mosquitoes. Because Winnipeg is an endemic area for heartworm we recommend that all dogs be placed on a once a month preventive program throughout the heartworm season which extends from mid to late May through to the end of October. It's our recommendation that dogs on preventive programs still be tested as a precaution once every two years.


Heartworm preventives also act as a de-wormer for most intestinal parasites. Cats that are hunters should be de-wormed every 3 months during hunting season. Puppies and kittens should be placed on a de-worming program established by one of our veterinarians.


laser surgery reduces your pets trauma and recovery time

Dental disease is one of the most common problems seen in our pet population today. Over 85% of all dogs and cats presented to a veterinarian are affected by dental problems. The majority of these pets are suffering from periodontal disease. Our hospital offers a comprehensive dental facility. Our dental services range from routine cleaning and polishing to dental x-rays and extractions.

The following video provides a demonstration on how to brush your pet’s teeth…check it out!